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Cool Clubs Fits and Tailors Custom Golf Clubs for Your Swing to a Tour Standard

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Introducing Cool Clubs

Our fitting system offers you the best way to buy golf clubs and guarantees enhanced performance! We custom fit all brands of golf clubs including the super premium brands specifically for you and your unique swing style using our proprietary software. Buy what you want – we don’t sell “sets” of clubs – we fit and sell you what you need to make you play better golf. So if you need 4 hybrids and 3 irons to go with your Driver & Fairways we will fit and build them for you to tour standards using the best equipment and technology available.

Competitive Advantage


With over 20,000 shaft and head combinations independently assessed by Cool Clubs, we always deliver the best-performing clubs.


We develop all of our software in-house to guarantee the right club is put in your hand for your swing. Our state-of-the-art S3 machine measures shafts to a finer degree than manufacturers and ensures consistent shaft performance.


Used throughout the PGA Tour to generate instant and actionable digital feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing. Count on pure, precise, and reliable data that allows you to dissect and understand the DNA of any given swing.


Cool Clubs virtually invented the analytical approach to club fitting over 20 years ago. Our fitters are world-class, do nothing but fit clubs, and have a passion for helping people play better golf. As a result, we’ve seen 81% of our customers improve their scoring average and 55% of those improve by 3-5 strokes.

Why be fitted for your golf clubs?

The short answer is all players from touring pro’s to beginners will benefit from using clubs built specifically for them and their style of play. In fact the higher the handicap the greater the benefit as there is usually much more room for improvement.

We have the best technology

All of our shafts are analysed using our proprietary S3 technology which measures each shaft at multiple points for torque, flex, flex point, responsiveness etc - this is then fed into our software. During a fitting we measure your current clubs and your performance, and we then ask the system to calculate your optimum in terms of distance and dispersion. S3 selects the 3 or 4 shafts that will deliver on this from the hundreds we have on hand. The guesswork is taken out of the fitting process, and you are able to pin point the highest performing option quickly and effectively.

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Our club fitting starts where other club fitting stops

When you get fitted for the latest golf clubs, you have the choice of the standard shafts offered by that particular brand. However these stop short of the super high end offerings – the Accra’s, Oban’s, Graphite Design’s, high end Fujikura’s & Mitsubishi Rayon’s that are simply too expensive to be included in a standard retail offering. These are the shafts the Pro’s on tour use because they offer tighter shot dispersion (i.e.more accuracy & consistency) and greater distance. At Cool Clubs we have more than 250 of the finest shafts available to the industry to ensure we select the one that's best for your game - shafts that will hit it further and straighter.

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We build clubs better than anyone else

No manufacturers spine align or frequency match the equipment they sell – it’s simply too labour intensive - We do both. Most shafts have spines which are stiffer sections that run down the length of the shaft. For superior results it's best to identify the spines and orientate the shaft in the head correctly - this results in maximum accuracy & control.

Frequency Matching the shafts means that they are precisely matched to your flex requirements using the most accurate vibration technology available. Shafts fitted without this may have variances of up to 10% in flex and flex point and this can result in up to 10% inconsistency in dispersion. Every iron we sell is checked for the correct loft, lie and length as per your fitting - again something that isn't standard with off the shelf sets.

Our Technology

What brands can I get at Cool Clubs?

We carry all of the top brands including the super premium brands such as PXG, Miura, Epon etc.

We fit and tailor all golf clubs for your swing to tour standards. Cool Clubs’ clients come from all walks of life. They have different ages, swing characteristics and handicaps, but have one thing in common: They love golf and they want the best equipment available. With over 20,000 shaft & head combinations available we can fit you with the best custom golf clubs available.

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SST Pure® Shaft Alignment System

SST Pure® Shaft Alignment System

S3 Shaft Machine

S3 Shaft Machine

Trackman 4 Dual Radar Technology

Trackman 4 Dual Radar Technology

We build clubs to a Tour standard

We build clubs to a Tour standard

Cool Clubs Guarantee

We guarantee the clubs we fit and build

We stand behind the performance of every club we build. If you ever have a problem with a club we have built bring it back to the studio and we will address the problem to your satisfaction. Once we have completed the fitting session, the components are selected i.e. head, shaft & grip and the clubs are then built to your specifications.

Payment in full is made after the fitting session and the clubs will be ready for collection 7-10 days later. We can also deliver the clubs to you free of charge if that is more convenient for you. These are your clubs built specially for you and therefore there is no returns policy, however we will go out of our way to make sure you are fully satisfied with every aspect of the clubs once you receive them and play with them.

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