How can we help you?

Do you do Trade-ins?

Yes we do, we will advise you at the time of your fitting how to go about receiving the best deal on your previously loved clubs.

What Brands do you stock?

We offer all the major brands as well as the super-premium brands such as PXG and Miura. There will be additional brands offered from time to time and they will be tested and verified for performance and quality. If they pass our stringent tests they could well form part of our offering.

Do you do club repairs?

Yes, we do repairs as well as club optimisations.

Why do you want full payment with the order?

These are YOUR clubs 100% custom built for you and therefore cannot be sold to anyone else. We guarantee the quality & build as well as the performance and if you are unhappy with any aspect of your clubs after receiving them, we will address the situation & resolve it to you satisfaction.

How does Cool Clubs price their golf clubs?

Performance and perfection is what Cool Clubs is all about, the cost of performance can be significant. We only use after-market shafts in our builds and the finest quality heads. To achieve this performance we add the cost of the after-market shaft to the retail cost of the club. The additional cost is a small price to pay for the increased performance and immense pleasure you will derive from the clubs.

Am I required to buy clubs after the fitting?

No, we give you your full specifications from the fitting session to take away with you. However, when Cool Clubs builds your clubs we can guarantee that they are built to the exact specifications. The likelihood that anyone else can build your clubs to those specifications is very low.

What balls are used in the fittings?

We only use premium tour quality golf balls.

Are the fittings done indoors or outdoors?

Both, our studio has a large door which opens on to the driving range so we can see the flight of the ball. We also have the ability to fit completely outdoors.

How long will I wait to receive my clubs after the fitting is completed?

We guarantee 14 days for delivery. However, we try wherever possible to shorten that time-period. You will be advised immediately if there is any delay in the delivery for whatever reason.

Is the fitting fee applied to the cost of the equipment?

Unfortunately, not. The fitting fees allow us to use the latest and best technology available for each fitting and in doing so we believe the service we provide has value.

Am I good enough to get fit?

All golfers, regardless of handicap should be fitted for their golf clubs. The higher your handicap, the more room for improvement and the more likely you’ll see a significant change in distance, accuracy and scoring.

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